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S.POZA is a company based in Indonesia who specialises in ladies wear.

We have been around for almost 20 years, & have been providing high quality products to our customers.

Our extensive network of retailers and wholesalers allowed us to gain access up to most remote part of the country.


Our strong commitment to research and innovation to create fashionable products earned us a place in the local market.


S.POZA sponsorship is an essential part of our business and reflects our commitment to giving back to the communities and people who support us.

We are proud sponsors of Indonesian Television Sinetron – Cinta Fitri (2008), Mata Hati (2004), Menggapai Bintang (2002), Tersanjung (2001), Permata Hati (1999), Check out our complete list for the films we have been a part of.

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